Why settle for just one dish when there’s so much deliciousness to explore? At RÅ, they offer small plates, served individually and in the order you desire, so you can savour every flavour. Or why not opt for a dish to share with your party, doubling the joy of the dining experience? Shared food is simply twice as delightful. It’s all about variety. It’s all about class. That’s RÅ for you.

Thanks to Effektgruppen’s expertise in AV technology such as sound, lighting, and interior design, we’ve had the pleasure of working on this project from conceptual development to final installation. This project showcases advanced lighting design paired with intriguing material choices to craft a rustic ambiance where guests can relish exquisite cuisine in a cozy setting. Sound and lighting are seamlessly controlled via touchscreens, allowing for quick and easy adjustments. Great emphasis has been placed on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere through interior design elements like color schemes, materials, conceptual design, and sound and lighting setups.

Planning, sales and installation

  • General Lighting
  • Concept Design
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Interior
  • Lighting System