Everything begins with a single question – what experience do you want to achieve? Based on your needs, we create technical and interior concepts that allow your business to grow. We design and plan interiors, lighting, sound systems, as well as image and conference technology in existing and planned environments.
Many other consulting firms stop there. Not us..

In most cases, our work then continues with the delivery of technology and interior equipment, installation, and finally commissioning. We take responsibility for the entire delivery and ensure that what our designers have drawn, also works as it should when it has been installed.

  • Needs analysis
  • Concept development
  • Project management
  • Project planning
  • Acoustic consulting services
  • Technology design
  • TUL (spoken evacuation alarm)

Technical installation

With the support of control systems from AMX and Crestron, we develop intelligent interfaces that give you full control over the technical environment – the user-friendly software allows you to fine tune lighting, audio, image and other technical installations with a few simple adjustments on your touch screen or via an app on your phone.

We can also assist with acoustic special services, perform sound measurements, and project acoustic systems for fire protection and EVAC, spoken evacuation alarms

With the needs analysis as a starting point, we tailor the technical solution that is optimal for your business and adjust the installations so that they are both functional and neat. No more tangled cable messes and ugly cable runs. We review existing installations, modernize, and propose new future-proof solutions, for both hardware and software. We provide complete documentation and all devices are identified and tested before commissioning

  • Lighting design
  • Lighting system
  • Sound system
  • AV technology
  • TUL (Talatutrymningslarm)
  • Hearing Loop Technology
  • Interactive systems
  • Digital signage