O’learys Borlänge 10 year Anniversary 

In 2013, our team undertook an extensive 3,000 m² audiovisual technical installation at O’learys in Borlänge. This project encompassed the outfitting of a conference room, sports canteen, bleachers, and Jumbotron. A decade later, in 2023, we were honored to be invited back to conduct a comprehensive overhaul of their AV systems. O’learys, renowned as one of the leading sports bar and restaurant chains in the Nordic region, embarked on a significant redesign of their premises to align with their evolving brand identity. This renovation included the addition of multiple karaoke rooms and a substantial stage area.

The project presented unique challenges in each segment of the multi-area Event Center. A highlight of this undertaking was the construction of a large stage for DJs and bands to perform. Our responsibility was to install a 160-inch LED P1.6 Display, serving as a dynamic backdrop, and to ensure it delivered crisp, vibrant visuals. We utilized an AMX SVSI AV-over-IP system over the pre-existing network infrastructure. To enhance the ambiance, we installed a variety of lighting solutions, including a Helvar DALI lighting system and Pharos controlled DMX lights and lasers, all operated via a Crestron control system. Additionally, a JBL SRX900LA sound system was also added to the new stage, tailored to provide robust audio performance while maintaining comfortable sound levels throughout the restaurant.

The project timeline was constrained to a mere two weeks, necessitating meticulous attention to detail to ensure flawless system functionality. Our team of 16 highly skilled technicians deployed their expertise to meet this challenge. This installation not only modernized their infrastructure but also upheld the integrity and quality synonymous with the O’learys brand.

Planning, sales, and installation.

  • Effect lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Ambient sound
  • Stage sound
  • Video system
  • Conference system
  • Control system